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Back to School with eeBoo

by ajb30 on July 31, 2014

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Seriously, I can’t believe that this summer is almost over! It went by way too fast. My youngest is starting school this year so I will be homeschooling 2 now, which isn’t really that big of a change I guess since she pretty much is already learning everything her sister is. I really wanted to give her a head start this summer by going over math and science a bit, a little reading and social studies. She is really taken to her studies and is way ahead of her grade. I had the chance to review a few items from eeBoo that have been a huge help thus far and I know they will continue to be. We received several items from eeBoo- Flash Cards- a must have for homeschooling!! [click to continue…]


Dance In Style with Lexi-Luu Designs!!

by ajb30 on July 31, 2014

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Dance season officially starts tomorrow and my girls could not be more excited. I’m pretty stoked about it too, and this year they are going to have sooo much fun! Jazz is on the ticket this year and my daughter has informed me that she is going to do jazz forever. I love seeing my girls all dressed up in their little outfits dancing their hearts out. The same company that brought you Punkz Gear also has some really adorable, fun, and sweet outfits for dance, thanks to Lexi-Luu Designs my girls are going to be the best dressed kids in class. Lexi-Luu Designs creator has been creating dancewear since the eighties, being inspired by a new generation of dancers thanks to her two granddaughters, she has continued to create the most adorable dancewear around!! We were so excited to be able to review one of Lexi-Luu Designs outfits! [click to continue…]


Tovolo- Having Fun with Food!!

by ajb30 on July 29, 2014

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My girls and I watch a TON of cooking shows- my oldest daughter says she wants to open a restaurant that caters to people with dogs..pretty good for a 7 year old!  My girls love helping in the kitchen, they always are wanting to help cook something…..anything.  I have some pretty major control issues when it comes to the kitchen so letting them help me has been a definite learning experience.  Now, I love having them in there with me, and they love seeing how everything gets made!  I have noticed that the more they help out the more likely they are to eat things they normally wouldn’t eat- like veggies!  I have been making smoothies and juicing a lot lately and they have been quite the troopers when it comes to trying out my new concoctions.  I noticed that if they have their very own special utensils that helps alot as well.  I came across this amazing company called Tovolo- while their cooking items aren’t specifically geared towards children, they are pretty fun looking- making kids want to use them!! From the bright vivid colored silicone items to the super adorable ginger girls cookie cutters, the items from Tovolo make cooking with kids a super fun experience!!  I was so glad to be able to try out a few items from Tovolo!   [click to continue…]


Post image for Handmade Vintage Designs from Applesauce Designs on Etsy!!

Oh yeah, like a kid in a candy store!  I really despise shopping for myself.  The countless hours of looking and trying on, some women enjoy that, but not me!  But, what I do love more than anything is shopping for my girls.  Some women have an addiction to shopping, the thrill they get finding that perfect handbag or amazing pair of shoes.  I get that feeling when I find vintage style children’s clothing. Yes, it definitely is an addiction for sure!  Applesauce Designs on Etsy is everything I love about children’s clothing.  Vintage buttons, fabric and lace, even the patterns are designed with an amazingly cute vintage feel.  I was so very excited to be able to review one of their amazing dresses!! [click to continue…]


Snacking with a Clean Conscious Thanks to The Protein Bakery!!

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I think if I had to choose my biggest weakness when it comes to food it is definitely chocolate. Brownies, cookies, cake- it doesn’t matter which- I love them all. My waistline on the other hand, well that is a different story. For some reason once I start, I just can’t stop! I am trying […]

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Win a Set of 3 8×10 Prints from Hop and Pop!!

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The wonderful owner of Hop and Pop has offered to one BabyGearToday viewer a set of 3 8×10 Prints of your choice  for your little ones room!! See the Rafflecopter below for more info on how to enter!! 

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