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Proactiv Plus Review- #MC #sponsored

by ajb30 on December 15, 2014

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“I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence-Central for Proacitv+. I received samples of Proactiv+ to facilitate my review and a thank you item for participating.

So there are very few times when I see a commercial or an ad that really ticks me off, but there is one out right now that for some reason just gets under my skin.  ” I don’t wear makeup because I have to”, she says, I wear it because I want to. Just typing it makes me mad!! I don’t like wearing makeup- the foundation and powders just make my face feel so dirty, but it seems like the older I get, the more adolescent my face looks. And I don’t mean the “hey your face looks so pretty- almost youthful look- I mean the I just hit puberty and my face has seriously taken a beaten. When I was a teenager, I had great skin- minus the monthly zit that popped up just to remind me I was still a hormonal teenager, my face was pretty clear. I didn’t appreciate it though, I abused it, neglected it, ravaged it- with oils and lotions, tanning beds, and days upon days in the hot Florida sun. Now, my face is paying me back for all that abuse. Pores the size of craters, pimples just because- no rhyme or reason, no hey girl it’s that time of the month- just in case you wondered. Nope just angry, angry skin!! The winter is the worst, dry, peeling, red- yes, it hates me. The years of neglect I never thought I would get back, I just needed one little  chance to say I was sorry. I have seen the ads for Proactiv, a friend of mine- a long time ago, even used it- with amazing results- seriously she could have been their poster for advertisement. I have seen the transformations, but never really thought it would work for someone like myself, someone too tired for long daily beauty rituals, someone not with cystic acne or a face full of pimples. My face is clear-ish I just have really  clogged huge pores. When I say I like an easy morning routine I mean it, I normally just grab a face wipe- or the ever handy baby wipe if that is what is in my reach- wipe and go. No fuss, no frills, and apparently no clean either, my face   just kept on getting worse and worse.   My skin is super sensitive, if I use anything too abrasive usually my skin will break out, become irritated and red and burn.  I need something quick and easy. So I never even considered Proactiv+ even as a choice for me. When I had the opportunity to give Proactive+ a go, I thought what the hay, might as well. [click to continue…]


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My kids are crafty crazies!! I love it!!! They literally will sit and draw and create ALL DAY if I let them.  I don’t know exactly where they get all of their craftiness from- but I wish some would rub off on me!  From making origami to creating their own storybooks, I am always looking for good quality items to get them through their hours of drawing, cutting, pasting- well you get the gist.  eeBoo is one of those companies that has, not only unique items, but excellent quality items as well.  I hate it when I purchase art supplies and they break immediately and waste whatever crazy amount I just spent on it!  With eeBoo, you can be sure that you are getting, not only  visually stunning, but amazing quality as well.  We received a few items for my mini Picasso’s to try out.  To try and pick only a few items  is almost impossible- when you check out their site you’ll understand- I’m pretty sure you’ll be just like me, and say- Yes, I will take 2 of everything please!   [click to continue…]


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So, just recently I noticed that the majority of my posts are girlie related.  Because I have 2 girls my world revolves around everything girls.  Lately, so many of my friends are having or had boys that I just can’t help myself!! Every time I go anywhere baby related I find myself oohing and aahing over the sweetest clothes for the little guys.  A natural progression of things is to show all of you a few of my favorite Etsy spots to find some adorable boys clothing that is comfy, unique and seriously adorable.  Sara Sweet and Small is one of those shops- home of the original tuxedo bodysuit, with adorable clothes for the little guys- girls as well, but today  it’s all about the boys!! I received a few of the sweetest outfits for the little guys in my life- and boy oh boy were they fantastic!!  [click to continue…]


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Ahh, finally!!! It’s cooled off- although some are getting extremes in the way of weather, I have always LOVED the cool Fall/Winter season.  Not just because of how the weather feels outside, but the amazing colors that the landscape is painted in… and oh yeah…the fashion!! Each year I say it, and probably will say it every year after, but I LOVE Fall Fashion!! I came across an amazing clothing company called The Dragon and the Rabbit that has mastered Fall Fashion-  Simple, easy to wear clothing, with classic yet modern designs at the same time.  I guess I would call it’s style timeless.  Clothing that will never go out of style! I must say I am in love with their Fall/Winter color scheme- just as gorgeous as our Fall trees, with hues of red, orange, brown, and blue- I am seriously in LOVE.  I could not be more excited to review a few pieces of their amazing clothing for you all today.   [click to continue…]


Ryder & Rhenn – Too Much Cuteness to Contain!!

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On any given day, I can’t even count the number times someone tells me how adorable my girls are, or how sweet their clothes are. I have a very slight addiction to kids clothes, if you hadn’t already figured that out! For myself I hate shopping, I seriously loathe it. But when it comes to […]

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Adorable Hair Accessories from Cutie Pie Hair Flair

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With 2 little girls with TONS and TONS of hair, accessories are pretty much a necessity!  Even if it is just a cute little clippie, their hair has to have a little something!  Especially since the youngest decided she was going to trim her bangs when I wasn’t looking :/ Now even when she is […]

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