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Whenever I go shopping for dresses for my girls, I always ask myself a few things- is the dress cute- or is it fabulous, are there hundreds of these dresses around in local stores, so that when my girls wear it are 10 girls going to have the same exact dress on, and also is it comfy.  For my girls comfort is key, to me- I like the star appeal.  Will little Suri Cruise or Blue Ivy be caught in this dress?? I know that sounds a bit snobbish, but lets face it- we look to stars for our style choices- if you can get a dress that you would see at Fashion Week in New York for the price of a dress at a department store- the choice is easy!  But easy to find, these dresses are not- but fortunately for you guys, I do a lot if searching for my girls, so you won’t have to.  Shells Belles Kidz- all I can say is WOW!  Couture style at department store prices!  When I first came across Shells Belles Kids I fell hard!  I just adore the unique print designs that Shells Belles offers- Ankara styled- my first ever hearing of this gorgeous style, but now that I have seen it there is no going back!! Unique and fashion forward- this print is perfect for anyone is high fashion taste!  I have to say these dresses are everything I could have imagined!! We received a few dresses for us to review and share with you all- and I have to say excited doesn’t even scratch the surface.  Ecstatic …closer but not quite!  [click to continue…]


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Remembering back when my babies were “babies”- yes I am feeling a bit nostalgic because my youngest just turned 6.  I have no idea where the time has gone!  It feels like yesterday that I was bringing a brand new squishy baby home from the hospital.  Since my baby days are over (so sad) I can only play auntie to the new babies that are being born very soon!  I think I am almost as excited as the mommies!!  There is nothing better than the sweet smell of a tiny baby!  Finding gifts for these new little ones is definitely not a problem, but finding amazing gifts- well that can be a bit more challenging.  I love baby clothes, baby gear, baby everything- but I want the gifts I choose to be memorable.  I want the “ooh that is sooo cute”, or “Oh my goodness where did you get that?”  I want statement pieces, because after all- pretty much all stores sell baby items, but the rare few sell awesome baby items- and lets face it- I like the awesome!  Well,  A Nod to Mod is definitely awesome.  A Nod to Mod is a great little Etsy shop that makes adorable baby hats, swaddle blankets, burp cloths  all with a modern twist!  I was super excited to be able to review one of their adorable burp cloths for you all!   [click to continue…]


Post image for Adorable Onesies, Bibs, and More from The Layered Life on Etsy!!

All you that have read my reviews over the last few years know that subtlety isn’t my thing- I am sort of the go big or go home kinda girl. That is in pretty much everything I do that has to do with my girls. I love the over the top- the fascinator- the stand out in the crowd. For the most part my girls are all into it, they love the top hats with feathers, the extra poofy tutus, a little glitter here, lace there- you know what I’m talking about. Sometimes though, my girls just want something a little more simpler. Instead of a facinator, maybe just a cute clip, instead of the extra poofy tutu, maybe just an embellished tee. I have 2 girls so as I have mentioned previously with all these new babies popping up around me, it is seriously hard not to catch baby fever. Thankfully there are plenty of sweet nieces and nephews around for me to spoil- and lets face it- you know they are all going to be show stoppers if I have anything to say about it! I came across this sweet little Etsy shop called The Layered Life. They have some really adorable onesies that are anything but the plain, simple ones you find in stores- hand dyed, handpainted and sewn onesies, tutus, bow ties (for dogs and babies) and bandana bibs! All are so adorable you are sure to fine something that you love! I was so excited to be able to review a few of their items and let you guys see how awesome they are!! [click to continue…]


Post image for Seriously Sweet Baby Girls Clothes from Truffles Ruffles Review and Giveaway!!

When my oldest daughter was born, I had this thing against girly girly clothing- I don’t know maybe because growing up I was a huge tomboy! I hated anything girly, frilly, or pink! So I swore off girly clothes and instead looked for simple gender neutral clothing or hip, funky clothes. Black tees and jeans, or simple white onesies- I even brought her home in a white layette with blue flowers- Ok well, I guess since it had flowers that was a little girlie. As she got older my taste started to change a little- I still hadn’t evolved into ruffles or over the top headbands but instead of a white onesie or black tee I chose hot pink or purple. By the time my youngest was born, it was a wrap- the bigger the hair bow the better, the more over the top the more I had to have it! She had super sensitive skin, so it not only had to over the top it had to be comfy as well. Animal and other fun prints had taken the place of the plain tees and jeans, and she was hardly ever seen without a big bow. Looking back I just wish I had done the same with my oldest! Oh how I wish that I had known about Truffles Ruffles when my girls were smaller! They have the over the top hair bows, sweet layettes, and adorable sets that I absolutely LOVE!! Truffles Ruffles has the comfort, style and fun that I absolutely adore! I was super excited to be able to review a gorgeous set from Truffles Ruffles! We received for our review the GORGEOUS Leopard Heart Romper with matching hat! [click to continue…]


Vintage and Virtue on Etsy Review!

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The first time I fell in love with Etsy, several years ago, my taste was pretty simple- everything vintage style and shabby chic. While my taste has evolved over the years to encompass many more styles, I stay true to my first fashion love! There is just something amazing about taking something old and adding […]

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Cute Clothes for Dapper Dudes!! Adorable Handmade Boys Clothing from KBP Designs! Review and Giveaway!!

Thumbnail image for Cute Clothes for Dapper Dudes!! Adorable Handmade Boys Clothing from KBP Designs! Review and Giveaway!!

I am seriously getting some major baby fever!! It seems like all of my friends are expecting!! My daughter told me it’s going around and she hopes I don’t catch it LOL!! While I would absolutely LOVE cuddling up to a squishy newborn, this shop is closed!! But at least now I can be a […]

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