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My girls recently had the privilege to be flower girls in a friends wedding. I was super excited, as were they- I think I was more excited to be able to go pick out their dresses because as we all know- I am a huge kids clothes addict! But, as I failed to remember from my own wedding, I am not the one who gets to choose which dress they wear- totally up to the bride. So, I go to our local bridal shop and tell them the style # ect. and out come these really “cute” cookie cutter dresses. I am not going to complain because, after all, not my wedding. After trying them on and finding the right sizes we go to check out, “YIKES”! I just spent a TON of money on a dress that they are literally only going to wear one time- I mean seriously, they look like mini wedding gowns and I am not sure they could wear them anywhere else. Once we got to the wedding, yeah they looked adorable because I always say, my girls would look gorgeous in a paper bag, but they were itchy and pretty uncomfortable, especially for the hour long drive to the wedding. If only there was another option. Of course there is, you just have to know where to look! Introducing Janelle Funari New York! An amazing special occasion clothing company that creates couture dresses for all occasions. Gorgeous, high quality dresses with French painted laces, silk taffeta and chiffon and vintage trimmings, all lined with an organic cotton liner, giving your little ones comfort and style, making these dresses stand way above the rest! We had the opportunity to review one of these AWESOME dresses, interview Janelle Funari herself, and offer you guys a giveaway of one of her fab dresses! [click to continue…]


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I can remember when I was a little girl spending hours on end playing outdoors.  Exploring, pretending, imagining.  Nowadays it seems as though kids are more interested in the latest app or what is on the endless supply of channels on the satellite TV.  When I was not feeling so well for quite a long time, unfortunately my girls spent way to much time in front of the TV.  After surgery I think they did as well.  I started to notice a huge difference in my girls.  Instead of spending hours on end drawing, playing superhero and the princess, and just imagining a whole new world, they wanted to watch this show or that.  Now that I am back on my feet again I am more in control of the TV and Computer, Smartphone,  and tablet- yes instead of spending hours on end watching TV, now they spend hours on end exploring and imagining again!  It is so fun to see how their amazing little minds work!  Well the reason I bring this up is because Mary Beth and her son, from Zylie and friends  are on a mission to unplug playtime- to turn off the electronics and bring toys back to childhood! [click to continue…]


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We all know I get a little over- the- top excited when I visit my fav handmade online shops.  But, there are certain occasions when I literally can get overwhelmed with all the sweetness and amazing creativity that I come across in certain handmade shops.  I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I am so overly jealous of these amazing people that have so much skill, creativity and artistry that I only wish I had.  It doesn’t take too much to get me excited, but overwhelmed, yeah that’s another story.  There are certain shops and items that literally make me nervous to review- I know how much I love them and that everyone else will as well, but to explain the sheer magnitude of how awesome a shop is, I literally get nervous.  I want everyone to see how amazing Dainty Cheeks Boutique is but will the words to describe such a shop even do it justice?? All I can do is try I suppose.  Let’s face it- there are so many stores, shops, companies out there, you can go your entire adult life without hearing of most of them, especially in the handmade community.  It would be such a shame for everyone to miss out something this amazing! I’m not even certain how I stumbled upon Etsy, but I almost feel my life somehow has been altered in finding it.  My taste have changed, my views on quality and design completely rearranged.  When I shop in retail stores I find myself saying, Etsy is so much better!  But sometimes even on Etsy I find certain shops that raise the bar so high, no shop can even compare!  Dainty Cheeks Boutique is that shop whose quality and design is so far above most, to try to imitate them is useless!  Dainty Cheeks Boutique is the true definition of handmade.  Taking ordinary items and and creating something new and beautiful.   Carefully considering the design and creating fun, imaginative items made in limited quantities for a one of a kind feel.  Dainty Cheeks boutique uses vintage and upcycled fabrics- breathing new life to pieces of the past.  We -and as I say we, I mean me of course, were so very honored to be able to review one of these pieces for you all today!  Meet Gracie everyone!!  [click to continue…]


Lalaloopsy Dolls- Loopy Hair Dolls Review

by ajb30 on September 15, 2014

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Well, it is that time of year again, when parents are flooding the internet in search for the coolest, cutest, and most fab toys around.  There are always the usual suspects that parents all around have as their go-to-sure-to- please toys that all will love.  Lalaloopsy has most definitely made it to the top of those must have lists!  My girls have LOVED Lalaloopsy Dolls since they first showed their adorable super sized faces!  My girlies have recently entered into the “Let me do your hair mommy” stage, but since I decided to chop mine off, they have no hair to experiment on- so in order to save all of our family and friends from the hair experiments of little girls,  the Loopy Hair Lalaloopsy Dolls were the obvious choice for my future beauticians.  We received the adorable Pix E. Flutters Loopy Hair Lalaloopsy doll for our review and my girls could not have been more thrilled!!  [click to continue…]


The Most Comfy Bra Ever!! The Coobie Bra!! Review

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Since my surgery last year, I have found out several things. One of which is that comfort is now my #1 feature in any garment, especially so when it comes to bras. My lack of ability to workout as hard or as much as I used to, has resulted in some weight gain, and for […]

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Moxie Girlz Raincoat Color Splash Doll- Review

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My girls have always LOVED dolls, and the Moxie Dolls have always been one of their favorites. They love the fun accessories and clothes that come with them, I love that they have the sweetest faces- adorable big eyes and tons of hair, with very minimal makeup. So naturally, when an opp came to review […]

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