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I have always loved the look of super cute legwarmers on chunky baby legs!! When I had my oldest daughter I had just began my obsession with baby clothes, and to be honest I didn’t really see as many really fun, cute, and comfy baby clothes as there are now. When my youngest came around, she had the adorable chunky legs that just screamed for cute onesies and adorable legwarmers!! I mean seriously, I could have just eaten them up! Now, my girls love them as much as I do- and at 5 and 7, they have their own style- finding a shop that could cater to both of them normally would be kinda tricky, but I have found one, juDanzy! juDanzy was created by moms who, using their knowledge of style, quality, and prices- perfect even for moms on a budget!!! They have grown their company from a small garage to what they are now- an amazing company producing kids accessories- from boys hats and ties to super sweet body suits and bows to girls- that any mom and kid would love! [click to continue…]


Potty Training with Kolcraft!

by ajb30 on November 15, 2014

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Let’s face it, when it comes to potty training, no two kids are the same.  For my girls it seemed like the more I pushed, the less they wanted to go on the potty.  I read all sorts of information, talked with their Pediatrician, and finally just decided, they learn when they learn.  It didn’t do me any good stressing over it if they were just going to regress.  So I left them alone, and what would you know- they did it on their own.  I think the best advice I got was from a coworker- she said “stop stressing over it- I guarantee they will not go to college in diapers!”  So now the only stressful potty training I am doing is with a stubborn chihuahua who thinks the entire house is fair game. [click to continue…]


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MedImmune. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”


I can remember when my girls were babies, I dreaded the Fall and Winter Seasons.  Not because it was cold or rainy- but because I knew how devastating RSV season can be for tiny babies.  And, of course both of my girls were born during RSV season!!  I swear I became the biggest germaphobe ever!  I did everything in my power to keep them from getting sick- but they still did.  Unfortunately, sometimes we can do everything we can think of , but things happen.  For normal full term infants, this usually just means a bad cold, but for premature or compromised infants a simple cold can mean much, much worse.  I know firsthand how devastating RSV can be to a premature infant- long hospitalizations, respiratory infections, and even death! I have had several friends who have had premature babies and the Fall and Winter seasons are  a time of pretty much terror for moms of preemies, but there are ways to help prevent RSV infections. So what exactly is RSV??  RSV or respiratory syncytial virus is a highly contagious viral illness that may infect a person’s lungs and breathing passages.  It is a virus that most kids under the age of two get every year. RSV is the leading cause of hospitalization in babies 1 and younger- approximately 125,000 babies are hospitalized and around 200 infants die each year from RSV.  Premature infants are at a much higher risk for RSV- almost twice as many are admitted to the hospital than full term infants. RSV season generally runs from November to around March or April in the US, but varies by region.  Even though RSV is very common, most parents have never even heard of it!  If you have ever seen an infant with RSV, you will never forget it!!  Symptoms of RSV include general cold and flu symptoms as well as a persistent cough or wheezing, bluish color on fingernails and around their mouth, rapid breathing, gasping for air, a fever- especially fever over 100.4 rectally in infants under 3 months!  For these symptoms you should call your physician immediately!! [click to continue…]


Mommy’s Little Peanut- Review and Giveaway!!

by ajb30 on October 29, 2014

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Everyone who has ever read my reviews knows I am an addict for cute and stylish kids clothes. Not just your everyday cute clothes, I really like my girls to stand out in the crowd. Not that it’s hard, my girls are just gorgeous and no I am not biased…they really are. So when we are out I have to make sure they are looking their best- because after all I can’t have everyone thinking, hey those girls are gorgeous but what in the world are they wearing?? I am always on the lookout for adorable girls clothes that are made well, look cute, and of course, super stylish. I came across this adorable boutique while browsing Zulily called Mommy’s Little Peanut. Inspired by her own little ones, the founder of Mommy’s Little Peanut began searching to find stylish and trendy picks that we all will love!! I was so excited to be able to review an adorable outfit and bring an amazing giveaway for you all!! [click to continue…]


LOVE Reusable Bags!! Review

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One enormous problem that is in pretty much all cities is pollution.  It seems like no matter where you turn there is garbage strewn through the streets and even in wooded areas.  Some stores have already taken huge steps in trying to alleviate this problem by not carrying non-reusable plastic bags.  If you think of […]

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NESCAFE’ Dolce Gusto Genio-Review

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*  I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central for NESCAFÉ DolceGusto, and received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.   I used to be a HUGE coffee drinker.  Then, I discovered Chai Tea.  Oh boy, I spent tons of time and money driving every single day- sometimes twice a day […]

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