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Mommy’s Little Peanut- Review and Giveaway!!

by ajb30 on October 29, 2014

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Everyone who has ever read my reviews knows I am an addict for cute and stylish kids clothes. Not just your everyday cute clothes, I really like my girls to stand out in the crowd. Not that it’s hard, my girls are just gorgeous and no I am not biased…they really are. So when we are out I have to make sure they are looking their best- because after all I can’t have everyone thinking, hey those girls are gorgeous but what in the world are they wearing?? I am always on the lookout for adorable girls clothes that are made well, look cute, and of course, super stylish. I came across this adorable boutique while browsing Zulily called Mommy’s Little Peanut. Inspired by her own little ones, the founder of Mommy’s Little Peanut began searching to find stylish and trendy picks that we all will love!! I was so excited to be able to review an adorable outfit and bring an amazing giveaway for you all!! [click to continue…]


LOVE Reusable Bags!! Review

by ajb30 on October 29, 2014

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One enormous problem that is in pretty much all cities is pollution.  It seems like no matter where you turn there is garbage strewn through the streets and even in wooded areas.  Some stores have already taken huge steps in trying to alleviate this problem by not carrying non-reusable plastic bags.  If you think of how many you actually go through in one week- it is pretty startling.  I have an entire section of cabinets in my kitchen devoted to just that.  I try to reuse them as much as possible, but there are SOOOO many.  Well, starting July 2015 California will begin enforcing a new law that passed to ban plastic bags.  The transition will probably be a bit tricky at first, but  it will be a huge benefit in the long run!  My girls are so aware of the litter and pollution issues we have, every time they see a stray plastic bag in the trees or bushes they say- someone is littering the earth, why do they do that?? That’s really bad!! I have tried my best to teach them really early how important our earth is to us and how wrong it is to litter.  Hopefully, other states will jump on board as well to help reduce so much of the litter that is polluting our Earth.  One company that has been hard at work creating amazing reusable bags is LOVE Reusable Bags.  They have everything from sandwich bags to totes, lunch bags to backpacks!  We had the opportunity to try out several of their amazing bags!  They have so many fun designs to choose from everyone will find something that they LOVE!!  [click to continue…]


NESCAFE’ Dolce Gusto Genio-Review

by ajb30 on October 26, 2014

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*  I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central for NESCAFÉ DolceGusto, and received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.


I used to be a HUGE coffee drinker.  Then, I discovered Chai Tea.  Oh boy, I spent tons of time and money driving every single day- sometimes twice a day to the local coffee shop, I literally couldn’t pass the coffee shop without stopping, it was way out of control.  After my brain surgery, my physician cured a lot more than my physical illness- after surgery I hated Chai, much to my dismay- that was my only splurge! I mean, I didn’t buy expensive purses or shoes- I just had to have my Chai!  Well, I tried and tried to see if my taste would change back, but they didn’t.  So I decided to give coffee a try again, just to see if I would get used to it.  The first kind I tried, because I didn’t own a coffee maker, was Nescafe’ Instant coffee- I loved it!  I loved the fact that I could use whatever flavor creamer I chose and as strong as I would like.  Now, don’t even try to talk to me unless I have had my coffee!  I bought a single serve coffee maker because I only had one or two cups a day and I was the only one in the house that drinks coffee, well if you don’t count my 5 year old who will take a gulp when I am not looking.  The coffee maker I had purchased was really inexpensive because I didn’t know how much I would actually use it.  Well, I used it a ton- I liked that it only made a cup at a time, but it had a spout that if you weren’t careful would spray you with super hot water- I got burned several times!   So when I had the opportunity to try out the  Nescafe’ Dolce Gusto Genio coffee maker I jumped at it!! [click to continue…]


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Oh, to do it all over…I don’t know what has gotten into me lately, but I am really loving funky clothing not just for my girls- for me too!!!  And trust me, right now me and funky leggings….not cute!!  I guess it has always been here, looking back at pics of my almost 8 year old (yikes) I always tried to add a little funk to her wardrobe here and there, a little black tee with rhinestones and a cool slouch beanie with guitars and a little bling- I loved it so much!! Once she was able to start thinking for herself- it was all tutus and tiaras!! well, there definitely is a little wild child in there somewhere, because – oh yeah- the funk is peaking its head now and I love it!! She calls it her “I wanna dress like a rockstar today!” I call it “there’s my girl”!!!  “Rock that fro baby girl and those funky leggings”!!  Cutesy cutesy is everywhere, but fun and funky- well, for that  you have to look a bit harder! Well, yes, I will gladly do that for you!! People- meet- Gardner and the Gang!! I received some pretty awesome pieces for our review and they are so fun, so soft and sooo adorable!!! Each collection from Gardner and the Gang is so awesome I wish they made clothing for the big kids too- and yes, by big kids I mean me : )   [click to continue…]


Awareness Jewelry from FJJ Creations!

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So, after being diagnosed with a chronic illness and going through brain surgery, I have definitely become more involved with disease awareness!  I honestly had never heard of Chiari Malformation until I was diagnosed.  Well, now I feel I am pretty much a reference book!  I love telling people about it because the more people […]

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SEAM Clothing Giveaway!!

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Several months back we had the opportunity to review a few items from SEAM Clothings Spring/Summer collection.  I know everyone who saw it was just waiting for the opportunity to snag some of their gorgeous clothing for their little ones.  Well, the amazing people at SEAM have offered a HUGE giveaway!  A $100 GC to […]

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