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Post image for Gardner and the Gang- Baby Clothing with a bit of Funk!!

Oh, to do it all over…I don’t know what has gotten into me lately, but I am really loving funky clothing not just for my girls- for me too!!!  And trust me, right now me and funky leggings….not cute!!  I guess it has always been here, looking back at pics of my almost 8 year old (yikes) I always tried to add a little funk to her wardrobe here and there, a little black tee with rhinestones and a cool slouch beanie with guitars and a little bling- I loved it so much!! Once she was able to start thinking for herself- it was all tutus and tiaras!! well, there definitely is a little wild child in there somewhere, because – oh yeah- the funk is peaking its head now and I love it!! She calls it her “I wanna dress like a rockstar today!” I call it “there’s my girl”!!!  “Rock that fro baby girl and those funky leggings”!!  Cutesy cutesy is everywhere, but fun and funky- well, for that  you have to look a bit harder! Well, yes, I will gladly do that for you!! People- meet- Gardner and the Gang!! I received some pretty awesome pieces for our review and they are so fun, so soft and sooo adorable!!! Each collection from Gardner and the Gang is so awesome I wish they made clothing for the big kids too- and yes, by big kids I mean me : )   [click to continue…]


Awareness Jewelry from FJJ Creations!

by ajb30 on October 16, 2014

Post image for Awareness Jewelry from FJJ Creations!

So, after being diagnosed with a chronic illness and going through brain surgery, I have definitely become more involved with disease awareness!  I honestly had never heard of Chiari Malformation until I was diagnosed.  Well, now I feel I am pretty much a reference book!  I love telling people about it because the more people who know about it, the more people, I feel, may not have to suffer for so long to get diagnosed. What I didn’t realize, however, is that there are SO many rare diseases out there that people are suffering with, with little to no research being done about it. September was Chiari Awareness month, as well as many more, like childhood cancer month, sickle cell awareness month, GYN cancer awareness month, lymphoma and leukemia awareness month- just to name a few! Well, October is now here and is AIDS awareness, Bullying Awareness Month, Breast Cancer, Domestic Violence and the list goes on and on! There are many ways to show your support for these causes and others. It only seems natural for me to head over to my favorite spot for pretty much everything- Etsy. I honestly didn’t even realize that Chiari Malformation was known enough to be on Etsy- but it was!! [click to continue…]


SEAM Clothing Giveaway!!

by ajb30 on October 6, 2014

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Several months back we had the opportunity to review a few items from SEAM Clothings Spring/Summer collection.  I know everyone who saw it was just waiting for the opportunity to snag some of their gorgeous clothing for their little ones.  Well, the amazing people at SEAM have offered a HUGE giveaway!  A $100 GC to SEAM Clothing!! Their Fall Line just launched and I know you are going to have fun spending it!! Check out the Rafflecopter below for more information!! [click to continue…]


Post image for Janelle Funari New York- Girls Special Occasion Dresses Interview and AMAZING Giveaway!!

My girls recently had the privilege to be flower girls in a friends wedding. I was super excited, as were they- I think I was more excited to be able to go pick out their dresses because as we all know- I am a huge kids clothes addict! But, as I failed to remember from my own wedding, I am not the one who gets to choose which dress they wear- totally up to the bride. So, I go to our local bridal shop and tell them the style # ect. and out come these really “cute” cookie cutter dresses. I am not going to complain because, after all, not my wedding. After trying them on and finding the right sizes we go to check out, “YIKES”! I just spent a TON of money on a dress that they are literally only going to wear one time- I mean seriously, they look like mini wedding gowns and I am not sure they could wear them anywhere else. Once we got to the wedding, yeah they looked adorable because I always say, my girls would look gorgeous in a paper bag, but they were itchy and pretty uncomfortable, especially for the hour long drive to the wedding. If only there was another option. Of course there is, you just have to know where to look! Introducing Janelle Funari New York! An amazing special occasion clothing company that creates couture dresses for all occasions. Gorgeous, high quality dresses with French painted laces, silk taffeta and chiffon and vintage trimmings, all lined with an organic cotton liner, giving your little ones comfort and style, making these dresses stand way above the rest! We had the opportunity to review one of these AWESOME dresses, interview Janelle Funari herself, and offer you guys a giveaway of one of her fab dresses! [click to continue…]


Help Start a Playtime Revolution with Kiki the Koala!

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I can remember when I was a little girl spending hours on end playing outdoors.  Exploring, pretending, imagining.  Nowadays it seems as though kids are more interested in the latest app or what is on the endless supply of channels on the satellite TV.  When I was not feeling so well for quite a long […]

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Dainty Cheeks Boutique- Gracie the Fox Review and Sweet Giveaway!!

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We all know I get a little over- the- top excited when I visit my fav handmade online shops.  But, there are certain occasions when I literally can get overwhelmed with all the sweetness and amazing creativity that I come across in certain handmade shops.  I think it has a lot to do with the […]

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